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Meet Mike Spinosa

12+ Years of Wall Street & Retail Trading Education

Michael Spinosa is an entrepreneur & day trader who has earned his success extracting capital from the financial markets. Starting his career on Wall Street as a small cap equity analyst turned financial advisor turned retail momentum trader- Mike has one of the most diversified & relevant trading resumes in the industry. This combined with an understanding of the "plumbing" of Wall Street & how the zero sum game of trading works behind the scenes- helped streamline Mike's success earlier than most retail traders. A gritty entrepreneur mentality & a commission-only career helped Mike understand bigger picture risk in life & the opportunity cost of time. Everything in life that matters requires risk & Mike prides himself on embracing risk AKA "the risk life" if you want the freedom to own 100% of your time.

Mike prides himself on using his brand as a bigger picture financial literacy platform to help people not only understand trading but an all-around understanding of life's financial blueprint. This encompasses a whole ball of wax approach including trading & financial psychology, basic understanding of different financial asset classes, having proper financial expectations & planning for trading as a career versus a get rich quick scheme, entrepeneurship outside of trading- including business & real estate. Download the latest tools from our website. Mike's goal is to provide an affordable way to allow people to become more financially literate so they can use trading & embracing the risk life as a means to an end & regain control of their lives!

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See Why People Are Turning To Mike

Think about this for a second... What is trading?

It is Mental athleticism! It’s no different than a sport & it should be approached no differently. That perspective is what separates Mike from all other mentors and traders. He takes a raw
and practical approach to trading with a focus on psychology and self awareness in a way that many people can relate to.

What Separates Mike

There is a reason people turn to Mike and the TradeLikeMike (TLM) community to simplify their approach to trading. Instead of just focusing on basic, universally-know technical concepts, Mike goes in-depth into topics most "gurus" won't even touch on for a moment. Here are examples of some of the most overlooked & under-analyzed segments of a trading career that Mike focuses on:

✔️ Understanding Mass Human Behavior
✔️ Understanding Risk Aversion
✔️ Understanding Price Discovery
✔️ Financial Engineering
✔️ Reading Liquidity & Share Structure
✔️ Developing Precise Execution
✔️ Learning To Be Objective
✔️ Building Extreme Discipline
✔️ Developing Mindfulness & Self-Awareness
✔️ Recognizing Cognitive Biases
✔️ Understanding Neuroplasticity
✔️ Controlling Stress/Cortisol Load Management
✔️ Dopamine or dope-a-me trading
✔️ Understanding News Dissemination & Catalysts
✔️ Differentiating Between Anticipation& Confirmation

✔️Controlling Reactiveness
✔️ Learning To Maintain Self-Confidence
✔️ Avoiding Trading on TILT
✔️ Developing Beneficial Self-Evaluation
✔️ Applying Opportunity Cost
✔️ Detaching From Hourly Wage & 9-5ism
✔️ Dealing With Losing
✔️ Developing a Permanent Student Mentality
✔️ Managing Human Expectations, Urgency, & Impulses
✔️ Reviewing Your TradeTape (GameTape in Sports)
✔️ Preparing Properly Outside of Market Hours
✔️ Incorporating Biohacking Strategies
✔️ Understanding The Nervous System & Reward Center
✔️ Understanding How Sleep Affects Decision-Making
✔️ Managing & Mitigating Decision Fatigue

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