TLM Foundations Summit

The summit is designed as a 12+ hour, pre-recorded trading "crash course" for newer traders, as well as those with experience. I discuss & educate A-Z topics that inform on how to start day trading, such as basic & advanced trading topics/concepts of technical & fundamental analysis. You can check and download the tools from our website. I also elaborate on details regarding my personal trading strategies including how to identify trend, as well as how to guesstimate potential short term price targets for momentum stocks, understanding mean reversion, and much more!

My ultimate goal of the Foundations Summit is to provide a simplified perspective of what technical analysis is.


TLM Playbook

A modernized trading playbook on behavioral finance & technical groupthink. Learn the new technical analysis & algorithmic agendas that are working in today’s markets. The Playbook includes:

✔️ Uncovering the engineering behind short squeezes
✔️ What has changed in the markets since 2020?
✔️ Manipulation 102 & Stock Rigging
✔️ Scaling, risk management, & risk aversion 102
✔️ Mean reversion 102 & targets
✔️ An introduction to linear regression 101
✔️ Advanced Algorithmic trading strategies
✔️ Dark pools, order book, & order execution


TLM Biohacking Blueprint

Day Trading is a game of mental athleticism!This blueprint is designed to help you develop a deeper understanding of the most underdiscussed and underrates topics when it come to being a professional trader:

✔️ How your mind & body works & stress management
✔️ How your emotions & cognitive biases come into play
✔️ How to nutritionally fuel your body & mind
✔️ Why biohacking is relevant when it comes to trading & life
✔️ Big Mike's favorite & most effective biohacks & books
✔️ A breakdown of Mike's daily routine
✔️ Insight into emotional management, and EQ vs. IQ 102
✔️ Introduction to nootropics

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