4 Signs That You Will be A PROFITABLE Trader

4 Things That Show You Will Be A Profitable Trader

Up until this point, I have trained hundreds of traders. I have seen guys catch success right off the bat, and others take some time to catch their stride.

In every situation, there are signs that I see in some new traders just starting their journey that show me they will be successful.

Let’s jump right into the 4 things that show you will be a profitable trader!

  1. You are Disciplined in All Aspects of Life

If you aren’t disciplined in different areas of life, you won’t be in trading. Trading is a direct projection of your habits. If you skip workouts, cheat on your diet all the time, and never follow rules you give yourself to live a happy and healthy life, you will break rules in trading. It is that simple.

By keeping close tabs and structure over things like your diet and workout regimen, you will also feel much more mentally and physically clear, increasing your trading performance.

When I see someone that has their life organized, no matter what financial position they are in, I automatically know that some of that discipline will carry well over into the trading world.

  1. You Like to Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Trading naturally is a profession that goes ‘against the grain’ of society. It is looked at as being risky and aligned with gambling at a casino. That as we know cannot be any further from the truth.

After talking with someone, I like to hear that they are calculated risk takers. They like to push through the norms of society and carve their own path out of life. Any
rock that life throws their way they turn into steppingstones. They are persistent and like to take the ‘beaten path’ to success.

Someone who can remain calm in uncomfortable situations and can block out the noise in society will not only have the strong motivation to fight through bad trading days, but they also will have strong mental clarity and focus. They already know how to block out noise from the world around them, and that skill will translate to knowing out the noise in the trading world.

  1. You are Willing to Invest in Yourself

I’m not talking about only money here. I am talking about investing time, energy, resources, and money on themselves and their careers.

Quality education costs money, yes. And if you aren’t willing to invest in yourself in the long run and shorten your learning curve then you will invest in yourself in other ways in the form of taking losses in the market to learn lessons. Whatever way you choose, you are investing in yourself. If someone is unwilling to make sacrifices to better themselves from the start, how will they push themselves through hard times?

Learning to trade, studying charts, and journaling trades takes a lot of time and energy. If you would rather watch Netflix 7 times per week than stare at the screens, then that is a sign you definitely aren’t passionate enough to ride the road to success.

As a trader, you must be willing to invest time and energy into your craft, as well as allocate money to acquire good education, networks, and mentorship. Just as much as I invest in the market, I invest in myself!

  1. You Aren’t Here to Get Rich Quick

This is an overused saying in the trading industry, but this is not a get rich quick scheme. Anyone who thinks it is will come in, put inadequate amounts of work in, skip steps, and blow their account. If you are trying to reach the holy grail today, you will rush the process and fail. Traders who don’t enjoy the journey to the top and take their time along the way tend to oversize positions and shoot for the stars on every trade. This causes strong dips in your PnL curve and can be catastrophic to your progression and success.

When just starting out, always remember this is a journey. You are starting a career, and one that requires you develop good string habits from the start.

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