The Mentality of a Winning Trader

September 26, 2023

All winners think alike in some way. It doesn’t matter if they are a successful trader, businessman, or athlete, there are certain things within the minds of successful people that make them into who they are.

Trading is 90% mental. If your mind isn’t primed for positivity and success, then your performance at the screens will not be good. Your mind is a powerful thing, and every time you login to your platform you must be clear, focused, and have the mentality of a winner to profit day in and day out.

Today, I wanted to break down the true mentality of a winner in the trading game and how you can adopt this mentality immediately.

  1. They Don’t Hold Onto The Past

I have taken some nasty losses in my career. I have also had some insane runs and killer wins. Either way, you don’t see me posting and talking about those wins or losses every day. That is because I move on quickly. Any time I have a big winning or losing trade, I look at it objectively. I understand that that win or loss was just an extension from my ‘mean’ or average performance, and I need to take lessons away from it. I look at these trades and scenarios as learning experiences and that is all. Then I move on. Simple as that. Don’t hold onto the past. Look forward, and only take lessons from past experiences. Focus on the future only.

  1. They Network But Are Solo-Thinkers

Successful people do network like crazy inside and outside of their respective industries. There is a difference between networking though and letting people’s toxic opinions affect their well-being. Networking and exploring what is out there is healthy, but at the end of the day, your job is to take all of that incoming information, log and categorize it in your mind, then only do what your gut tells you is best. Take little bite-sized pieces from the ‘buffet of knowledge’ that is out there in the world but choose yourself which direction you want to go entirely.

  1. They Are Always Growing

Whether it is learning from their own experiences or others, successful people are always observant and are growing. The trading world evolves drastically by the minute, so being aware of your surroundings and adapting to the ever-changing market conditions day by day is crucial to staying ahead of the curve. Make sure you never stop being a student of the game. Be humble and have the mentality that you are there to get better every day and learn.

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