The Power of Having A Community In Trading

September 26, 2023

Trading can be lonely as you know. Online communities like the TLM community play a huge role in not only providing top-notch education, but also comradery in the trading world. It is important as a new and advanced trader to surround yourself with like- minded driven people all who have different perspectives on trading. That is what Trade Club brings to the table.

Today, for those of you who have never experienced an in-person trading floor, or for those of you who are considering stopping by, I wanted to highlight some of the top advantages you gain from trading at a desk in-person alongside a community of killers. Let’s dive in.

  1. Accountability

Trading on a floor surrounded by traders instantly gives you an edge on accountability. Having fellow traders to your left and right who you can talk to and rely on to keep you accountable for certain tasks and actions is priceless. A lot of traders within the online TLM community have formed life-long trading partners who keep each other accountable for certain actions on a daily basis.

  1. Live Feedback From Your Peers

This is probably the biggest and most useful advantage that stems from trading on a trading floor. Being surrounded by traders all day gives you a whole ecosystem of like- minded people who get what you may be going through and can provide instant feedback. If you made a few bad trades in a row, someone will be right there to help pull you out of your losing streak and shine some light on your situation. Trading at an in-person club or in an online community gives you a group of people who are there to provide additional value to you during the good and bad times of your career, and that is something that is invaluable.

  1. Extra Motivation

Watching traders around you succeed and even pull themselves out of bad situations will undoubtedly light a fire under you. Communicating with people who crush trades all day and accomplish things better than you have will naturally push you to be a better version of yourself. In the TLM community, there are guys who not only excel at trading, but also in other areas like fitness, psychology, and nutrition. Being surrounded by ‘masters’ of certain aspects of life will motivate you to push yourself in areas you never thought of.

The saying goes ‘you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with’, and the TLM community will make sure a majority of those people you trade with day in and day out are driven and hungry to better themselves. All that energy will rub off on you.

  1. Expanded Education

Every trader is different. Everyone will look at the same exact chart a little different, or even take the same trade yet end up at different spots. Having a community around you is like having a bunch of little educators and mentors surrounding you every day, all who have a different style of trading and different strengths you can learn from. You may pick up a thing or two every single day that might seem insignificant at the time, but may be the key to your strategy that you have been missing. Being surrounded by traders with different ideologies and perspectives gives you a huge buffet of opportunity that all you must do is look over and choose from.

  1. Comradery

Like I said before, trading can easily be a lonely game. Being surrounded by other people who are in your same situation and do the same thing you do for a living alleviates that loneliness all together. Trading in a community starts to feel like a ‘group effort’. You all want to succeed, and all ways to see each other succeed. That is the energy you want to be around, and that is the energy that will help you get to the next level.

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