Still Struggling? Here Is Your Wakeup Call…

September 26, 2023

Not everyone in my room is a pro yet and is crushing trades left and right. I know that. Trading is a numbers game and really 90% of traders lose.

Even though my system is strong and consistent, there are a ton of new guys we get every week that join and are struggling to gain consistency and profitability.

So, this blog is for you all. This is directed straight towards the trader who is struggling, frustrated, and can’t figure out where to turn next. Maybe you are near the edge of quitting, or maybe you are just completely at a crossroads.

Whatever your situation and current mental state may be, take a few minutes and read though this blog. Today, I want to break down some of the key things that may be holding you back and how you can change things.

  1. Your Stops Are Too Tight

This one I see all the time. Especially with small caps, you have to let these stocks ‘breathe’. A stock will not immediately go in your direction after you enter a position. You have to be patient and let them breathe and having a stop that is wide enough to do that is the key. Zoom out on your charts, look at a higher time frame chart, and place your stop above or below a key level on that time frame.

  1. You Don’t Have a System That Suits Your Personality

Nobody ever really talks about this. Every human is different. I can tell you over and over again to be super patient, but if you aren’t naturally a patient person, then you will always struggle to hold swing trades or keep positions for a long period of time.

Instead of fighting your natural instincts, leverage them. If you are a patient person, awesome, then swing trade or look to take longer-term intraday trades. If you are impatient, then look to deploy more of a scalping strategy or learn to hold a core position and trade around it like I teach. That will give you your ‘scalping fix’ while forcing yourself to hold a position longer without realizing it. Find out what your natural instincts and abilities are and take advantage of then them in your strategy.

  1. Get The Rest Of Your Life Together

I truly believe that trading amplifies our strengths and weaknesses. If your life isn’t together and you aren’t focusing on your health, wellness, and mental stability every day, it will show in your trading performance. You have to have your entire life not perfect, but in-line with success. Workout regularly, focus on what you eat, relieve stress regularly, etc. Take care of your body and mind consistency and I guarantee you will see huge changes in your game.

  1. Just Be Patient

Just breathe, and relax. Stay patient. This journey is a long, yet fun and potentially profitable one. It took me a while to get to where I am, but time truly flies! Wake up every single day with a singular goal in mine of reaching consistency and becoming a better version of yourself, and you will get there quicker than you realize.

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